Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Like the venerable Joey Tribbiani, I am of the opinion that two good things necessarily make another good thing.

Rice? Good. Potato? Good. Meat? Good. Biriyani? Brilliant;
Chocolate? Good. Toast? Good. Nutella on bread? Brilliant.
Fruits? Good. Winter? Good. Oranges in the winter sunshine? Outstanding.

You get the drift.

This book was no exception. One of my favourite bloggers? Good. One of my favourite movies? Good. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro the book? Brilliant.

I may be biased because the book helped me overcome the dark valleys of readers block, but Jai Arjun Singh does such a fantastic job of taking us backstage that the reader is not able to come up for a breath before all the chapters have been read. It is only after the epilogue has been picked apart by one's brain that one realizes the stupendous amount of love and research that must have gone into this.

In the world of film-induced metaphors, this book is surely a Switzerland ka cake.

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